MSP Thematic Working Groups

Thematic working groups have been developed based on the MSP objectives. Each TWG will take charge of the activities of the objective under which it is formed. The TWG will develop and present proposals on the required activities with specifics on the expected outputs, how and who to undertake, the resources required and the timelines with guidance from the steering commitee. The TWGs will report directly to the MSP in consultation with the steering committee.

MSP Membership


Membership to the platform is open to government, public, private, Research, academia, farmer organizations, CSOs and development partners working on CSA with the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives (MoALF &C) Climate Change Unit (CCU) as the coordinating agent.

Member participation

Member organisation will appoint two representatives to be attending MSP meetings one of who will be alternate member to ensure consistency and continuity in discussions and activities.

However, organizations may change/replace representatives by notification through the steering committee.

Member registration

Interested members are free to fill in the member application and profiling form.

MSP membership meetings and Communication

The platform meetings will be held quarterly with frequent evaluations being undertaken to determine if the frequency of meetings is adequate or needs to be adjusted.

Meeting invitations will be sent to members through email, and other channels of communication (listserv, WhatsApp group, Twitter, Facebook, etc).

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