Steering Committee

The steering committee is the guiding team of the CSA-MSP. It is made up of members representing different stakeholder groups. The membership of the steering committee is between 15 and 20 individuals representing both state and non-state actors.



The Steering Committee’s responsibility is reviewing and approving MSP work, including membership, approaches and products.



Membership on the steering committee is on a voluntary basis; there should be no expectation of facilitation. Any individual nominated by their organization to serve as a steering committee member will be vetted by the existing members of the steering committee. If a member misses three consecutive meetings of the steering committee without sending apologies in advance, their organization will be asked to replace them with the alternate.


Organisational representation on the steering committee

An organization will remain part of the steering committee as long as they are committed and have interest in being a member. If the individual nominated as the representative cannot attend a meeting, s/he should designate an alternate who can represent the organization on their behalf.

The chair of the steering committee will be a Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries (MoALF) Climate Change Unit (CCU) representative. A co-chair will be selected from the CSOs or the private sector steering committee membership. Quorum for steering committee meetings will be 2/3rds of the total steering committee membership. For making decision; any decision will be binding when a simple majority of those in attendance are in agreement.

Steering committee meetings: There shall be a monthly SC meeting on the last Tuesday of every month.

Roles and responsibilities of the steering committee


Setting MSP agenda

The steering committee shall decide on the focus of and agenda for the MSP meeting based on:

  • Review the previous month SC activities
  • Review of TWGs activity dashboard
  • Discuss upcoming issues
  • Planning for the next meeting


Facilitate recruitment of various stakeholder categories in the MSP.

Resource mobilization for the platform.

Oversight implementation of the MSP strategic plan

Liaison – internal and external, including climate change negotiations

Plan, budget and set the agenda for the MSP activities

Coordinate information and knowledge management, including the MSP website, social media platforms