CATEGORY: Private Sector
CSA PROJECT: Sylvia’s Basket
SCALE: Community
LOCATION: Limuru, Nairobi

Summary of Actions

  • Growing Organic produce
  • Training small scale farmers on Organic Agriculture
  • Selling organic produce in our branded shop (Sylvia’s Basket)
  • Agroforestry- set up a tree nursery


We are looking to support small scale farmers targeting women and youth to learn how to grow their own organic kitchen gardens and thereafter buy their surplus produce which we sell at our organic shop.
Agroforestry is also a huge part of our work. We love trees! We have decided to work toward reforesting our village and have set up a tree nursery on our farms grown 2000 + indigenous trees during the rainy seasons


Kitchen gardens: Our main objective is to ensure small scale farmers are able to grow their food first. And grow it organically. If majority of small scale farmers had enough food for thier homes we will have dealt with at least 5 SDG goals!
Marketing: we are currently buying produce from 20+ farmers every week selling at our outlet. We are working towards supporting 100 + farmers in two years and help solve the problem of organic farmers accessing reliable markets.
Training: I have been traning farmers in my village voluntarily on conversion to organic and with partners i have trained 1000+ around Central Kenya. Access to information is a major problem we are also addresing.
Agroforestry: Last year, we planted 2000+ trees on our farms and donated a few to two local schools. Our 2021 plan is to plant 3000 trees in the community!

Key Interventions

Soil management –       CSA Excellence centres established

–       Number of farmers trained on the CSA Excellence centres

–       Number of trainings held

Smart water management –       CSA Excellence centres established

–       Number of farmers trained on the CSA Excellence centres

Renewable energy –       Use of solar powered technology in agricultural equipment in the CSA Excellence Center

–       Adoption of solar powered equipment by farmers for their farming activities

Gender (Youth and Women inclusion in CSA) Youth and women –       Number of members that CSAYN has (because all of our members are youths)

–       Number of female members that CSAYN has

–       Number of activities in institutions of higher learning for students taking agricultural courses

–       Number of Programs and activities on youth engagement in CSA

What approaches are you using to implement CSA?

  • Agroecology
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Sustainable Land Management
  • Ecosystem based adaptation

Participation In Key Climate & Agriculture Networks

I am a member of the steering committee of the Kiambu Agroecology policy which is almost in it’s final stages of presenting the proposal for tabling at the Kiambu county level. Working with a local NGO on setting up tree nurseries in two schools in my village.

Involvement in CSA

Relevance of CSA MSP to Work

  • Policy formulation (crafting different response options to identified problems)
  • Knowledge dissemination (education and awareness creation)
  • Technology transfer
  • Coordination and networking
  • Information about CSA
  • Networking
  • Learning and exchange
  • Reporting and showcasing
  • Develop new business
  • Influence policy environment

Recommendation On Ways To Support MSP

  • Developing specific climate smart agriculture policies, legislations, strategies, plans, etc. (Specify which ones)
  • Dissemination of climate smart agriculture knowledge and technologies
  • Mobilizing actors and facilitating dialogue on climate smart agriculture issues/actions
  • financial support to proposed initiatives
  • Monitoring, evaluation and audit of climate smart agriculture aspects to enhance accountability
  • supporting coordination of actions

Lessons learned and challenges in implementation of CSA project

  • I have basically been working on my own and have not received any support that would enbale me to grow the reach of our activities. This means that my reach has been very small, yet the potential is one that would impact the African continent.
  • I am passionate to support small scale farmers, especially those who own less than one acre of land to grow their own food first! And there after buy their surplus produce so as to empower them economocally. We are already supporting 20 + small scale farmers and buying their produce weekly! I
    have trained a few hundred farmers on how to convert to Organic Agriculture and grow kitchen gardens.
  • I love trees and and have been growing trees and sharing with my local community in Ndeiya, Limuru. We are looking forward to setting up tree nurseries in two schools to ensure we are teaching our children and
    youth the importance of trees. Ndeiya is quite dry and is a semi arid area, i dream to have my village greener in 10 years time and start reaping the benefit of our tree planting projects. Last year, we planted 2000+ trees on our farms. Our target next year April 2021 is to plant 3000 trees in our village!


  • Name: Sylvia Kuria (Farmer)
    Email address:
    Phone address: +254 722 493 202
    Organisational Physical address: Sylvia’s Basket, P.O. Box 1522-00217, Limuru
    Organisational Website:
    Name: Caroline Moko (Operations Manager)
    Phone address: +254 728 624 386