SNV - Voice For Change Partnership (V4CP)

CSA PROJECT: Voices for Change Partnership Project
SCALE: County
LOCATION: Marsabit, Isiolo and Kajiado

Summary of Actions

SNV in patnership with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), leads the Voices for Change Partnership (V4CP). V4CP is a multi-country and multi-sector programme focusing on evidencebased advocacy to improve the enabling environment. The programme empowers community service organizations (CSOs) to engage with decision-makers, by providing sound arguments and a solid evidence base, backing the proposed changes in their country. Together with IFPRI and other research partners,
we enhance the capacities of CSOs in leadership, the use of evidence and thematic knowledge, advocacy skills, and organizational sustainability.


The Drylands of Kenya make up 84% of the total land surface and support approximately 25% of the population, contributing to more than 80% of the eco-tourism interests and about 60% of the country’s livestock. The contribution of the sector to Kenya’s economy is as approximated at 12% of the country’s GDP and 42% of agricultural GDP (SNV, 2008). Pastoralism is adapted to the climatic variability and marginal landscapes of the drylands, making it a sustainable livelihood and production system.
Indigenous knowledge plays a role in the management of the rangeland resources including water and pasture, which are important resources for sustaining livestock. The custodians of such knowledge are indigenous institutions who mediate and enforce the norms, rules and regulations that govern pastoral systems.


The goal of V4CP is to enhance pastoralists resilience to climate change including mainstreaming gender
and social inclusion in climate change related policy formulation and implementation in Kenya, through
multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Key Interventions

Gender (Youth and Women inclusion in CSA) Pastoralists -Gender Disaggregated reporting
Policy and Advocacy Number of Policies adopted incorporating pastoralists voices
Increased budgetary allocationing the livestock sector

Participation In Key Climate & Agriculture Networks

Voices for Change Partnership is a member of the following networks: Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Multistakeholder Platform, Asal Stakeholders Forum, Regional Livestock Working Group and the Kenya Platform on Climate Governance.

Involvement in CSA

Relevance of CSA MSP to Work

  • Research
  • Policy formulation
  • Coordination and networking
  • Knowledge dissemination
  • Information about CSA
  • Networking
  • Learning and exchange
  • Reporting and showcasing
  • Influence policy environment

Recommendation On Ways To Support MSP

  • Developing specific climate smart agriculture policies, legislations, strategies, plans
  • Dissemination of climate smart agriculture knowledge and technologies
  • Mobilizing actors and facilitating dialogue on climate smart agriculture issues
  • Conduct research to provide scientific evidence
  • Provide financial support to proposed initiatives
  • Monitoring, evaluation and audit of climate smart agriculture aspects to enhance accountability
  • Coordination of CSA actions

Lessons Learned/Challenges in Implementation of CSA Project

Some of the successes of the project include influencing the NCAAP II with marginalized community voices, production of evidence materials that have informed processes and mastery of thematic issues on pastoralism, influence on policies, , strengthened partnerships beyond resilience partners to include  other V4CP partners and capacity development. The Challenges are ompeting government interests on topical issuesand poor coordination for multistakeholder platforms.

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Organisation Information and Contact Adress incase of Follow Up

Name: John Masinde
Phone address: 0722696336
Organisational Physical address: Ngong Lane, off Ngong Road
Organisational Website: